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              •   1What should pay attention to when installing a faucet?

                The installation should completely remove all kinds of impurities in the pipeline. Can avoid damage to the spool, blocking, blocking and leakage. At the same time, the surface should be cleaned so as not to leave the building materials residue.

              •   2Note for use in the bathtub faucet

                A metal hose should keep the bathtub faucet natural stretch, need not be coiled on the tap. At the same time, in use or not, pay attention to the joint of the hose and valve body do not form a dead angle, so as not to break or damage the hose.

              •   3Reason for loosening of the handle (hand wheel)

                First, when the assembly is not due to the handle (hand wheel) is not tight, just tighten the fastening screws can be. Two is the handle (hand wheel) selection is poor, more in the zinc alloy handle (hand wheel) and valve core connection of premature oxidation, corrosion caused by the gap increases, there is no remedy. Therefore, as far as possible not to use zinc alloy handle (wheel) products.

              •   4The use of faucets products should pay attention to matters

                Any types of faucets products in use had no need to use force in the switch, only need to gently twisting or you can toggle. Even the traditional faucet, do not need to spend a lot of effort to die. In particular, do not use the handle as an arm to support or use. The water outlet configuration screen cover products by the use of a period of time should be washed to remove impurities removing. Equipped with hose products should be noted that the hose often keep the natural stretch, so as not to break.

              •   5How much of the use of the water tap in the case of the water pressure is high?

                Water pressure is generally 3-5 kg, which is about 0.3-0.5MPa. If more than 6 kg of the pressure is relatively high, the normal use of the faucet when people feel uncomfortable; less than 3 kg, generally think that the water pressure is low.

              •   6What are the common leading spool valve on the market which are the long life?

                Common faucet spool valve has three types: stainless steel ball valve, ceramic piece spool and spool.
                Stainless steel faucet valve core is: at present, with a high scientific and technological content of a faucet spool, a number of high-end bathroom brands are used in laser processing technology of irregular seven ball valve, as the latest water valve. Ball valve is particularly suitable for poor water quality areas, because it is not affected by the water impurities, will not shorten the service life. Moreover, the steel ball valve core has a relatively large angle in regulating the area of warm water, which can accurately control the water temperature, ensure that the hot water flows quickly and accurately, and can save the resources as much as possible.
                Ceramic piece faucet spool: is the most common kind of spool, it has the advantage of low price, less pollution on water quality, but because of the ceramic texture is more brittle, easy to break.
                Shaft rolling type faucet spool: the advantage of the handle is smooth, easy to operate, easy to handle, feel comfortable and easy, aging resistance, wear resistance.

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