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              Modern sanitary ware market Simple fashion into the mainstream
               If you will stay in the requirements phase of bathroom products that you out, when the materialconsumption is no longer stay in meeting the basic needs of the level, but the ascent to the aestheticrealm and enjoy life, also face redefine bathroom. Take the&nbs......
              Do you know the dangers of the tap water?
               “For most people, the first thing after getting up in the morning, often open the tap to wash your face,brush your teeth, boil water. As everyone knows, just let out the water may hide a "health killers". "Do not use the best retention in the tap 'overnig......
              Bathroom design style is a global trend
               Now, in the bathroom product design, designers to consider factors is different, for example, recently popular what home style, foreign consumers Pro gaze to which types of bathroom products, the choice of materials and style to how fusion and so on, with the strengthening of the trend of globalization, bathroom design style also showed a trend of globalizat......
              As the first low carbon environmental protection into the mainstream sanitary ware industry
               "Low carbon", this is because in recent years environmental problems become more and moreattention by the word, low carbon life and energy saving and environmental protection has become a public consensus, and gradually deep into every aspect of production and life. Building materials......
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